Post 80 Veteran’s Scholarship

Since 1919, the American Legion has always put the welfare of the children and youth of America first. After World War I, many children orphaned, and it became apparent that they would need help to a succeed. This led the Legion to adopt the slogan “A Square Deal for Every Child.” Since then, millions of dollars and countless hours have been volunteered by Legionnaires across the country to help those who are sick or in need, as well as offering opportunities to help achieve their goals. This advocacy is still a vital role of the American Legion today.

The Legionnaires of the Tanguay – Magill American Legion Post 80 are remain committed to the development of Enfield’s youths and have established a College Scholarship Fund. The $250 scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior from Enfield High School committed to furthering their education per year.

All interested candidates should contact their guidance counselor for an application and more information.

College students graduation